Rustic Solid Oak Whisky Barrel Open Ended Planters for Gardens | Patio's

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These rustic solid oak whisky barrel open ended planters are made from the middle section of the barrels that are left over after we have used the ends for our pet beds.

At cheeky chicks we believe that we should re use as much of the barrel as we can and reduce waste as much as possible. The advantages of an open ended planter are you are not restricted as to what you can plant in them as there is no bottom to get in the way of the the roots which will grow straight down into the ground. So you have been given a new fruit tree for your garden but have a puppy who loves to chew on new trees, pop it in an open ended planter and you problem is solved, new tree protected whilst planter looks great.

This is just one of the many uses which are limited only by your imagination.

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