Solid Oak Recycled Whisky Barrel Bin Cover with Removable Lid

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Everybody knows that bins are usually pretty ugly but necessary, But why do they have to be? Our brand new solid oak recycled whisky barrel bin cover with a removable lid are the answer. They are made from recycled 200Ltr whisky barrels that have spent a generation or more ageing some of the finest scotch whisky in some of Scotlands most famous distilleries. Just Place your bin inside the barrel then replace the lid, when it is full just pop the lid off and lift out the bin liner full off rubbish, replace with a new one and replace the lid. These are ideal for pubs, beer gardens, restaurants, parks or even your man cave or home bar.

If you are going to use these bins outside we would recommend protecting them at least once a year with Cheeky Chicks clear yacht varnish to ensure they stay looking amazing for years to come.

Approx Dimensions: 88 cm High 54 cm wide at widest part.

Please note that due to the nature of these products each one may differ slightly in size and colour.

Handmade in UK

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